Poet. Writer. Translator. Fine-Artist

Through her poems and proses addresses political issues within social and personal matters.  Her Arabic writings appeared in prominent magazines and journals such as “Sayyidaty,” Asharq Alawsat” and “Alquds” besides other online literature magazines such as "Ink, Sweat & Tears," the English poetry magazine, "Oud Alnad" and "Algardenia".

“Warm Whispers;” 2000 — the first Arabic poetry collection was successfully sold in the Arab World.“and.. She Whispered;” 2014 –the second edition.Translated chapters of Chomsky’s “World Orders: Old & New” for her thesis but due to political “disorder” the Arabic version didn’t see light.

Published her translation of David Hare’s “Via Dolorosa” in Oud Alnad magazine.
Granted distinction on her thesis: “Forecasting Volatility of Oil Prices and their Effects on the Economy” where it appears in the library of Westminster Business School.

May also writes about art and its techniques. Always attends prominent classes in Arts updating and experimenting new techniques. Haiku & Haiga are hidden in her paintings –preferable media: watercolour and silk-painting.

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